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College Application Guidance

Applying to college is a great chance to put one’s best self forward and to reflect on more than 13,000 hours of education (K—11th grade) and 17 years of existence! Needless to say, this is no small task and yet applications greatly affect college decisions. Creativity requires process. From values exercise to finely crafted essays (and the many steps in between), Liz uses a well-defined process to coax impactful applications and essays. Students are kept on task, with intermittent due dates and online organization.


College Planning:

  • Early Action/Decision Strategy

  • Applications Timetables, Testing schedule: ACT/SAT/SAT II/ AP Exams

  • Essay Planning: which topics for various essays

  • Interview Planning: College Professors; Admissions; Subject Area Interests

  • Demonstrated Interest


  • College Essays: Brainstorming, Outline, Drafts to Final Submission

  • Short Answers

  • Recommendation Requests

  • Interview Prep

  • Scholarship Applications

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