About me

Liz Stucke

Since leading up The British School of Beijing’s University Admissions program in 2010, I have become a college admissions junkie—researching admissions best practices, learning about personal and career assessments, writing about the future of education, and visiting colleges all over the world (my family will confirm that I drag them to visit colleges wherever we travel).

Recently I have been an Admissions Reader for UC San Diego, reading more than 400 applications a season to not only learn what admissions offices look for, but experience reading 6 to 8 applications an hour to see what catches my eye, what makes me remember an essay, which activities within a given application seem to help a profile and which are just fluff. And for many years in the past I interviewed hundreds of Georgetown University applicants both in China and the US. These experiences help inform my admissions guidance. 

But more importantly, I have immersed myself in understanding each of my unique students and the future in which they will adopt and shape. I love helping students find several great schools in which they will excel based on their interests, skills, and family’s financial needs, and then engaging students in a process to create outstanding applications that lead to admission at their top choice schools.

In helping navigate the college selection and application process, I bring my management consulting experience and exposure to various career paths. For fifteen years, I helped companies and leaders navigate their way through change in a wide range of industries at A.T. Kearney, Deloitte Consulting and later with a small startup, Brightline Compliance (now part of NAVEX). I have also advised companies on developing an ethical organizational culture and New York City on attracting foreign business.

Outside of college admissions, I enjoy walking my dog Otto with good friends and their dogs, hiking, and visiting my kids at college. Although my early rowing successes include two national championships and a bid at the Olympic Trials, I consider one of my biggest rowing successes to be surviving the 2010 Oxford “Bumps Races” with rowers 25 years my junior. I currently “enjoy” most rowing on an ergometer or from the sidelines watching my children row in Division I and Division III.