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CLASS of 2023 Admissions & Matriculation

My students were admitted to outstanding colleges even while these schools were receiving a record number of applications. The CommonApp reported that in the 2022/23 application year, “distinct first-year applicants” to member schools increased by 24% and total application volume increased by 36%.

American University

Auburn (+merit scholarships)

Bard College (+merit scholarships)

Clemson (+merit scholarships)

Colorado College

Colorado State (+merit scholarships)

Cornell University

Duke University

Elon (+merit scholarships)

Emory University (+merit scholarships) (2 students)

Georgia Tech

George Washington University

Johns Hopkins University


Michigan State Honors (+merit scholarships)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Northeastern University

Northwestern University

Oregon State (+merit scholarships)

San Diego State University

Southern Methodist University (+merit scholarships)

Stanford (+athletic scholarships)

Stevens Institute of Technology (+merit scholarships)

Texas Christian University (+merit scholarships)

University of Miami (+merit scholarships) (2 students)

UC Davis

UC Santa Cruz

University of Alabama (+merit scholarships)

University of Arkansas (+merit scholarships)

University of Colorado, Boulder (+merit scholarships)

University of Georgia (+merit scholarships)

University of Illinois, Urbana (+merit scholarships)

University of Indiana (+merit scholarships)

University of MA, Amherst (+merit scholarships)

University of Michigan

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

University of Notre Dame

University of Oregon (+merit scholarships)

University of Pennsylvania

University of Southern California (USC) (+merit scholarships)

University of TN, Knoxville (+merit scholarships)

University of Vermont (+merit scholarships)

University of Virginia

University of Wisconsin

Vassar College

Virginia Tech

Washington & Lee

William & Mary

Wesleyan University

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

For my Class of 2023, I worked with 16 students, one more than my typical max of 15 students because one was recruited early in the process.

Universities in bold indicate where students matriculated.

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